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Introducing a truly progressive, independent, co-operative publisher that puts the author first.
New Books
Thinking of self-publishing? Think again!

When you are ready to publish, the last thing you want is a long development time and restrictions and limitations often associated with traditional publishing.

Equally, we don’t believe the best use of your time is to figure out, manage and perform all the tasks associated with self-publishing.

And we don’t believe that self-publishing gives expert authors enough reach or sales.

We take care of everything so that you don’t have to become a publisher to get your book published.

We publish books that change lives:

  • Books for entrepreneurs
  • Self improvement and personal development titles
  • Personal journeys
  • Health and wellness
  • Charity
  • Fiction and Children’s Books with an important message

new books
We work closely with our authors to ensure that we are all happy with the finished book.

Panoma Press (formerly Ecademy Press) is run by people who read (and write) books and who have a passion for the written (and printed) word.

You will have a named contact with us who will organise the elements of the publishing process and keep you updated with progress. We design your cover and the look of your book, put them together, set them up at a quality printer and manage sales, distribution, book promotion and PR.

We invest in a number of books each year, and in other cases our authors co-invest with us on a shared risk, shared reward basis.  For co-investment titles we offer two fixed fee packages, the Standard and the Professional.

We have produced over 200 books since we formed in 2005 and have plans for many more in every year. Take a look at our book shop to see the subjects we have covered.

new books
Our team includes all the key people in the process including Editors, Designers, Project Managers, Production, PR, Web Designers, Printers, and Sales.

We provide an ISBN for every book format and ensure that it is properly applied to the cover as a barcode.

We are here to ensure that our authors are successful. We do not accept every book offered to us but we do assess each submission on its merits.

Download our 4 page pdf – Planning to Publish a Book?

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