Become a Published Author

Panoma Press is one of the UK’s leading independent publishers for experts and entrepreneurial authors. We offer a comprehensive, high quality publishing solution without the limitations and often long development times associated with traditional publishing contracts. Often traditional publishers provide very few opportunities for new authors.

Our books are produced to the highest standard and distributed globally.

published books
We invest in a number of books each year, and in other cases our authors co-invest with us on a shared risk, shared reward basis.  For co-investment titles we offer a fixed fee package.

Author Submissions

Discuss your book with us

Publication Process

From Manuscript to Book in 12-15 weeks

Marketing and Selling

Getting your book into the hands of your readers

Getting Started

How to start working with us

Getting Paid

Royalties and affiliate payments

Writing Advice and support

Inspiration and support for writing your book

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