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Panoma Press is the new name of Ecademy Press 

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Sandra Peachey

Business Coach and Author of Peachey Letters

It was a fab day, a great refresher for me with some new nuggets and insights too. It was also good to meet my co-authors.


Working with Panoma Press

Bridget Hunt

Author of Six Pack Chick

Words actually cannot express how highly I can recommend this company.  For anyone who is thinking of writing a book there is no-one better to do it with than Ecademy Press.  The team take you from manuscript to book in very easy steps.  Every step of the way you are encouraged and they supported me with the utmost professionalism. It was a partnership made in heaven and I cannot wait to write Book 2!

Barry Jackson

Author of Heretical Leadership

Recently, my first book was published by Ecademy Press. Within a fornight, 8 peer review journals had approached me to write articles for their magazines and one book reviewer was so thrilled with my book that he has invited me to meet up with him for what looks like being a very exciting business discussion. Mindy and her team will do a lot more for you than just publish your book.

Maurice Howell

Author of Project Management on Track

I am thrilled with the outcome of “Project Management on Track”

I would appreciate it if you could thank the whole team on my behalf for bringing my words into such a readable, professional book.  I am really impressed and humbled at the amount of effort and dedication you all have given to this task.

You will probably know how I feel having written a book after a lifetime of experiences. To me it is something that I would never have dreamed I would achieve nor have the competencies to do.

But I have, in my own style, with your help.

It is a wonderful feeling being able to say something to the world and to leave a legacy forever. I feel quite moved,  elated but humble.

A very big thank you to you all.

I hope to meet up with you all  before too long and thank you in person.

You all have given me the motivation to commence the second book which will be “Project Managing your life” including numerous true stories of my life and metamorphosis in my late 50s.


Author of Lean for Practitioners and co-author of Sustaining Lean Healthcare Programmes

Many publishers make it hard to work with them by creating barriers between authors and the editors meaning that there is a lot of time wasted chasing things up, tracking things down and getting very little feedback. Ecademy Press were responsive from day 1 and that significantly reduced the amount of ‘overhead’ I had to put into working with you and meant I could concentrate on writing rather than chasing. In addition, Ecademy Press have an excellent team of professionals who have done an excellent job on the design and editing of the raw materials.

I am very satisfied both with the service and the resulting product. We have been so proud of the resulting product that we have used the book as a ‘virtual business card’ when working with our clients in healthcare and local government and we regularly receive praise (and more importantly contracts) because people have seen our work in print. After-sales service is always excellent and to that end we will be looking first to Ecademy Press to publish all of our future books.

Being published by Ecademy Press has led directly to around 10 invites to speak at conferences and workshops and through that to several hundred thousand pounds worth of business. In addition, the fact that we are able to source copies of our books at substantial discounts enables us to give them away at our own and partner events and we often find that many of our clients have read a copy or been given a copy and that this has contributed in many cases to their decision to purchase from us. It would be difficult to put an actual financial value on how Ecademy Press has helped us but I see our partnership with Ecademy Press as a major part of strategic marketing activities and a contributor to winning many of our orders.

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