Panoma Press launches every new book to the media, to achieve news coverage, book reviews and requests for author interviews and articles. This media activity heightens awareness of the authors and their books, and leads to more opportunities and book sales.

Please see a selection of the media outlets that have featured our authors and their books:


Rafael dos Santos
Author of Moving Abroad

SUPER! The PR team do an absolutely amazing job! They delivered great results. I HIGHLY recommend their PR services. They are likeable, experts and delivers what they promise. I had great results and if you hire their company, you’ll have too!

Jacqueline Coe
Author of The Intelligent Parent’s Guide to Faster Potty Training

Media Jems and I have worked together regarding the launch of my recent book ‘The Intelligent Parent’s Guide to Faster Potty Training’, not your average subject requiring PR work. They took on this challenge and within the short time we worked together delivered amazing results. I found them to be very professional, organised, versatile and helpful in introducing me to the world of PR. The systems and procedures at Media Jems are second to none and I would highly recommend Media Jems to anyone requiring PR work as an individual or company alike.

Tiffany Kemp
Author of Deal Makers

The PR efforts resulted in over ten good quality opportunities for publicising my book, Deal Makers. Media Jems kept me up to date with progress and pushed each opportunity through to completion. I’d be pleased to recommend them and would certainly work with them again.

Tim Rylatt
Author of Business Battleships

The PR team were a pleasure to work with. Always bright and vibrant, they provided an enthusiastic edge to the work we completed together. During a short stint working on gaining publicity for the launch of my book ‘Business Battleships’, they managed to secure positive contacts with a number of high profile media publications with the aim of promoting my book to the business marketplace, and allowing editorial content from me to appear within them. They provided solid guidance on what to do and how to produce enticing articles, and kept me informed with regular updates about progress once we had submitted them.

The result of their work, was that I received a number of publications ranging from The Hertfordshire Business Independent, to the Daily Telegraph’s business advisory website.

I would happily work with Media Jems again and recommend their work to anyone wishing to secure positive PR.

Maite Barón
Author of Corporate Escape

Media Jems have supported me with the PR launch of my book ‘Corporate Escape: the Rise of the New entrepreneur’ and connecting with professional magazines to write specialist articles for my target market. They are easy to work with and keep you informed on progress which are two qualities I value. Thank you Media Jems!

John Coupland
Author of ACCELerate™ Your Social Media

The PR team supported me with the PR of my newly launched book. They managed to secure some quality interviews and also channels where I have written articles for some of the best publications, (on-line and print), in the UK for my target market. They are tenacious, committed and a pleasure to deal with. They understand that their clients are busy, so have an approach that is both clear and efficient which really helps. Thank you Media Jems!

Suzanne Currid
Author of Build Your Tribe

It’s been absolutely great. Loads of fantastic media coverage since the launch.

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