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  • Beauty’s Story by Rita Ese Edah

    …some cuts are deeper than the eye can see Beauty  knows ‘the every imperfection’ of her face. Will she ever know the joys of motherhood? Of marital bliss? How are her relation ships? Will she ever take pride in her own self? Theo is committed to his work. And knows that the love of his […]

  • Margaret: A Song Out Of Time by Dixie Carlton

    What makes a woman either rage against or surrender to the choices made for her by the society’s expectations? Margaret doesn’t want to marry, have children, or settle for the life her mother had and is willing to go to great lengths to avoid such drudgery, including turning her back on her family forever. After […]

  • A Dance in the Desert by Mindy Gibbins-Klein

    Kate Bennett isn’t looking for love, but it shows up in a surprising and dramatic package. Matt Reynolds arrives on the scene with a flash of all-American heroism and treats Kate and her friends to a taste of excitement and beauty. When disaster strikes, Kate and her friends rally to support Matt.   But will […]

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