Book Expo America 2019 – Inclusive Publishing: A Win-Win Strategy for All

On May 29-31 Javits Center in New York hosts Americas biggest book fair where writers, publishers, and the public get together to meet, work, discover new things and celebrate all the wonderful elements of the publishing industry.

This year, on the Indie Publisher stage Mindy is giving her first Book Expo America talk!

Diversity and inclusion are key values for our society, possibly more important now than ever before.  Publishers have the power to give a voice to many different types of people.  However, the books published each year do not always reflect our society’s diverse population, such as women, ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+ and disabled people, amongst others.  Authors from these groups frequently go unnoticed or remain unpublished, yet they have great value to offer readers and the world.

Independent publisher Mindy Gibbins-Klein of Panoma Press believes publishers need to give authors from under-represented groups increased priority at this critical time in history.  It is not about excluding or discriminating against authors from traditionally well-represented groups, but rather showcasing a more diverse range of insights, stories and ideas that enable everyone to learn from role models they can relate to.

This presentation will outline the many benefits, as well as some surprising and exciting opportunities for authors, publishers and readers, by creating a more inclusive publishing strategy.

UPDATE: Watch Mindy’s talk here: