Panoma Press are proud to work with international distributors, licensed partners and other publishers to bring our authors’ books to more and more countries. To date, our books are sold in 24 countries, and we are constantly looking for more partners worldwide.

Please see a selection of the international versions of our books below:


The Wealth Workout

China, Poland & Spain

Goodbye Mr Ex

Arabic language

The Act Of Attraction in Business

Real Leaders for the Real World

Post-Traumatic Success


How to Keep Your Child Out of Special Education

Your Financial Future

Better Thinking for Better Results

Time Mastery



Real Leaders for the Real World



24 Carat Bold

Whack around the Head

In Search of Silence

Hoof It!


The Chilled Parent

Legal Gold


India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Maldives

Breakthrough Thinking for Success

The Retail Handbook

Become a Key Person of Influence

Why do Smart People Make Such Stupid Mistakes?

The Thought Leadership Manual

Transforming Teams

The Step-up Mindset for New Managers


How to Build Your Reputation

The Successful Networker

The Winning Mind-set

Raise your Game

Better Thinking for Better Thinking

The Be Book


Malaysia & Singapore

How to Change your Life

The Art of Attraction in Business

Property Investment

How to Buy Property

How to be an Expert in your own Field

Kick Your Ex Out

The Successful Mindset


Train your Posture

Hustle your way to Property Success

The Complete Guide to Property Investing Success

Public Speaking Lessons from a World Champion

Networking & Public Speaking

How to Build your Reputation

You Can Be Rich

Start your own Business

Success Principles

True Happiness

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