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  • Mission of Honor by Jim Crigler

    A moral compass for a moral dilemma. Most of us never get to test ourselves in combat. As a UH-1 Helicopter pilot flying in the jungle highlands of South Vietnam, Warrant Officer Jim Crigler and the men he flew with were tested daily. Coming of age in the late 1960s and early 1970s was challenging […]

  • What the PA knew by Dawn Dixon

    An intriguing legal tale. This book is a fictionalised version of the author’s life, told through the eyes of the many PAs (personal assistants) who have worked with her over the years. The PA can make a person – solicitor or otherwise – look good or bad. It highlights the professional journey of a Black […]

  • A Leap of Faith by David Bernard-Stevens

    Going, doing and changing ourselves and the world around us. Learn HOW to think differently in order to change yourselves and the world around us. This is a book of letters written by a father to his sons, and to us, so we can find within our lives the power to create meaning, purpose and […]

  • Smiles From Around The World by Ingrid Marn

    The World is Beautiful and Connected.How do human beings show their love? With smiles! Ingrid Marn has been travelling the world since she was a child, capturing people in diverse locations and situations, yet with so much in common. Smiles from Around the World is a celebration of life and humanity, containing the heart-warming affirmation […]

  • Backtrack by Tessa Niles

    The Voice Behind Music’s Greatest Stars. Backtrack is the star-studded account of Tessa Niles’ 30 years of working alongside the greatest names in rock and pop; the story of a young girl’s quest to discover her true voice as she charts her rise to become one of the most respected session singers in Britain. Follow […]

  • I’m Still Standing by Ray Edwards

    Ray was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease at the age of 27, which left him with reduced immunity and potentially infertile, but happy to be alive. Five years later, back working as a builder and the father of twins, he cut his hand unblocking a drain. This led to kidney failure, septicaemia and the eventual removal […]

  • Call the Pharmacist by Elizabeth Roddick

    Set in Glasgow, Elizabeth Roddick, an NHS award-winning pharmacist, gives a very personal account of her life in and out of her community pharmacy. Starting with her father’s struggle as a chemist in 1938, she details the rich, humorous and sometimes poignant stories of the interaction with her patients and customers. The development of pharmacy […]

  • 7×7 – Seven Peaks Seven Islands by Nigel Vardy

    In 1999 British mountaineer Nigel Vardy lost all his toes, fingertips and suffered severe heel damage trapped overnight in a savage, life-threatening storm below the summit of Mt. McKinley, North America’s highest mountain. This is an inspiring, highly-readable personal account of how he went on to climb the highest mountains on the world’s seven largest […]

  • Get Me A Celebrity! by Stanley Jackson

    “Get Me A Celebrity!” is a frank but funny account of working with popular celebrities by someone who has enjoyed a unique access to them over the last twenty years. Through his company, Performing Artistes, Stanley Jackson hires famous people on behalf of clients based in the UK and overseas. Using autobiographical material gleaned from […]

  • Banana Man by Kevin Allen

    As Kevin Allen sat and watched TV one cold, wet evening, he had no idea his life was about to change forever. Six days later he was standing in Zululand desperately searching for a young orphaned boy… Join him on his incredible five-year journey as he becomes a reluctant hero to a forgotten Zulu community […]

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