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  • The Unseen Journey Within You by Jasminka Hansson

    Life is full of challenges and that is what makes it such a profound learning experience. This book will give you guidance, structure and confirmation about certain feelings that you wanted to express but didn’t know how to, answers to your unspoken questions, a better understanding for your being here and now, and great tools […]

  • How to be a SuperAger by Angela S. Lucas

    Living Life to the Max in your 50s, 60s and beyond. On her 82nd birthday, a grandmother was challenged to hike 100 kilometres (62miles) in Spain’s Galician mountains. Walking the ancient Camino de Santiago route with a heavy backpack, she faced adventures with other pilgrims, sticky mud, steep climbs and blistering midday heat. This was […]

  • Emotional Competence by Eveline Lonoce

    The secret to getting more out of life! Did you know your emotions are powerful resources? Or do you deal with them when they pop up, either wanting them to stay when the feelings are nice or to go away when they are unpleasant? Every human being is wonderfully unique and so are you – […]

  • Meditation for Life by Justyn Comer

    How mind training improves relationships, career, health and happiness. Career, relationships, health, happiness, sport, creativity – you name it – they can all be enhanced by the practice of meditation. It has the power to improve every aspect of our lives. Although there has recently been a lot of coverage of meditation, most people still […]

  • The Impact Formula by Oliver Medill

    Powerful solutions for turbo-charging your influence. Are you looking to bring a new and profitable dimension to your career? Do you have key insights, experiences and growth opportunities to share? Would you like to inspire and impress with charismatic speaking skills? We all have a unique skill set, a personal toolbox of knowledge and insight, […]

  • Joyride by David Key

    One Life. Three Principles. Infinite Potential. An ancient wisdom meets the modern world. Joyride reveals the illusory nature of pressure, worry and stress of all kinds. The revelation that these are not brought upon us by circumstances “outside of us” but created from the inside out is the start of a transformational journey of self- […]

  • Invisible Wings by Dawn Cummins

    The Power of Invisibility. Do you know you are the Powerful Creator of your Life? Are you experiencing deep transformations? This book supports and encourages all Earth Angels, spiritual beings, healers, empaths, highly sensitive people (HSPs) to discover their own transformation, understanding it is paramount when in service to the Universe, really starting to honour […]

  • Solo Success by Christine Ingall

    You CAN do things on your own! Millions of people, who live alone and are without a partner, avoid everyday leisure pursuits for fear of being seen to be on their own. Many people in a relationship never do anything on their own. This step-by-step guide helps such people to conquer their fear, and build […]

  • The Price of Heartbreak by Rick Sharpe

    Healing is mindfully feeling. Failure is failure. I had failed… miserably! I suck at break-ups but who doesn’t? I was the guy next door who “had it all together!” But that’s not what goes on inside. My experience had shame written all over it, a significant departure from the person I thought I was. Failing […]

  • Hands On Forever by Zoë Henderson

    A story of life-changing moments. EVERYONE HAS THE GIFT OF HEALING, THEY JUST NEED TO UNCOVER IT Throughout the pages you’ll find: -Miraculous and amusing accounts of nurturing animals -How healing is intertwined with everyday life -The constant help from the angels that surround us -The importance of honouring your very own gifts Zoë Henderson […]

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