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  • Reformers Arise by Alero Ayida-Otobo

    Calling Out a People of Dignity to Influence and Action This book is a cry from the heart to see the emergence of a new kind of people – The Reformers. They are ‘young’ (in age and at heart), they are full of creative energy and passion. They are tired of the status quo, tired […]

  • The Corporate Wife Handbook by Sarah Watson

    Insight and support for the role of the Corporate Wife Do you understand your role as a Corporate Wife? Are you aware of what is required of you when in the corporate networking environment? Are you getting the most from those opportunities? Sarah Watson has over two decades’ worth of experience in the corporate networking […]

  • Escape Your Invisible Prison by Susan Armstrong

    9 Secrets for Setting Yourself Free. If you’re reading the back of this book you already know what it’s about: the invisible prison of our own creation that we keep ourselves locked in. Based on the life of Susan Armstrong, this book answers the question of how she went from addicted, abused and homeless, to […]

  • The Neuro Edge by Clive Hyland

    People Insights for Leaders and Practitioners. The Neuro Edge brings the complex world of neuroscience into everyday relevance for those engaged in leading, developing and supporting people in organisations. This book explains the inner workings of the brain and its role in determining our thoughts, feelings and instincts and examines the role of the heart […]

  • Mindfulness and the Art of Change by Choice by Philip Cox-Hynd

    ‘Change’ is a word that evokes a range of responses, many of them negative. Choice in this context can become a ‘choice’ between the frying pan and the fire! Simply, if you have to go on about how much of an opportunity change is, or how much choice you really do have, then the average […]

  • YOU The Divine Genius by Carl Talbot

    Are you limiting yourself by your current view of reality? Do you feel there is something more for you to do or to be on this planet? Are you ready to expand your awareness to allow you to step into a fuller focus of who you are? If you are curious and ready to expand […]

  • Getting Out Of A Rut by Carla Watson & Shelley La Mancusa

    Carla and Shelley met when they won a community based competition to get healthy inside and out. Coming from two completely different walks of life they soon became great friends as it turned out they had the same thing in common as so many others: they were stuck in a rut. They have come together […]

  • The BE Book by Mynoo Maryel

    A Journey Into Miracles and Self-Liberation. At the pinnacle of an impressive career, Mynoo Maryel stepped away from her hamster-on-a-wheel life and leapt out into the great unknown — and landed, on both feet, in pure magic. This is her extraordinary story. From a lifelong pattern of incessant thinking, constant go-go-going and never ending to […]

  • Everyball by Michael James

    In Everyball author Mike James delves deep into his own tennis experiences, first as a child growing up playing on the ‘murram’ courts of Kenya, then to the hard courts of Tucson, Arizona, and finally to a 22-year coaching career in Great Britain, to bring alive his coaching philosophy of Everyball. Sometimes humorous, sometimes more […]

  • Moving Mountains by Julie Miles Lewis

    Are you ready to move mountains, discover the mountain in you…or maybe even climb one? In this adventure of soulful stories, wisdom, thought-provoking exercises and actionable ideas, Julie gently guides you to discovering your Inner Mountain and finding your path forward emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically…in business and in life. Moving Mountains will guide and […]

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